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Random Notes from Your Humble Editor

Bill DeGroot

First of all, thanks to all of the contributors to this edition of Flood Hazard News, especially our outside contributors Bob Searns, Nancy Love and David Love, and Bruce Rindahl (District staff members were ordered by the boss to deliver). I became editor in 1974 and have been at it ever since. It’s a nice break for me to do something different like this once a year. In the early days we would provide typed copy to the printer who would set it in the proper font, and provide galleries to us to proof and to lay out the way we wanted the newsletter to look. Now our contributors give me .doc and .jpg files that I proof, organize and try to make look attractive. I like this way better.

In recent years we have been printing and mailing close to 2000 copies of FHN. In 2006 and again this year we posted the FHN in .pdf on our website and sent post cards to our subscribers notifying them it was available. This year we are transitioning to email notification but still using post cards when an email address is not available. Next year, if we don’t have your email address you won’t be notified. If you received a post card this year, or found this issue through other means, and want future notifications, send an email to and put Flood Hazard News in the subject line.