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IT Infrastructure Improvements

By Chad A. Kudym, GIS Administrator, Information Services and Flood Warning Program

This past year brought significant changes for the District IT infrastructure.  After researching hardware and configuration options, the District made a big step towards centralized data storage and protection in early 2006.  The new infrastructure includes two central servers, a RAID disk array, tape backup and offsite storage and recovery.  The new configuration protects our computer filing system and staff email archives while providing a platform for coordination between District programs.

Some staff members, such as Paul Hindman, used the upgrade as an excuse to clean out their email archives and backlog (ok, so maybe it wasn’t intentional).  If you haven’t seen an email from Paul in a while, you might want to resend your contact information.

The process wasn’t as “seamless” as we had hoped.  The upgrade wasn’t cutting edge, but it provides a much safer repository for District data.

During 2006, District staff also worked towards developing an online digital library.  The Design, Construction and Maintenance Program finished a project that included scanning all mylar as-built drawings into PDF format files.  The scanned as-builts combined with scanned reports and hydrology and hydraulics modeling files will eventually make up the contents of the District Digital Library. 

The Digital Library will reside online to provide local governments, District consultants and residents access to materials that were previously only available in the District library or by contacting District staff to make a specific request.  The Digital Library will help save time for both District staff and persons requesting information.