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1997 Professional Activities of District Staff

Scott Tucker, Executive Director

Chaired program on Stormwater Management at National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA) annual conference, in Orlando in November.
Member of Board of Directors and Chairman of the Stormwater Management Committee of NAFSMA.
Member of the Stormwater Phase II Advisory Subcommittee, formed pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act to assist in developing the Phase II stormwater program.
Presented a paper on "An Urban River Renewed Denver’s South Platte River," at Engineering Foundation Conference on Stormwater Management – Creating Sustainable Urban Water Resources for the 21st Century, in Malmo Sweden in September.
Presented talk entitled "Flooding be Damned" at Conference Assessing the July 28 Flood in Fort Collins, CO at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in November.
Speaker on Phase II Stormwater Regulation Requirements at the annual conference of the American Public Works Association (APWA) in Minneapolis in September.
Presenter on Stormwater Phase II Regulatory Program on The Local Government Perspective, for the APWA Satellite Teleconference on "Strategies for Urban Wet Weather Management" in Stillwater, OK in December.
Discussant at session on Planning and Design of Water Systems in Light of Changes in Climate, at Symposium on Climate Variability, Climate Change and Water Resource Management at Colorado Springs in October.
Speaker on District activities at Colorado University student chapter of ASCE in April in Boulder.
Speaker on South Platte River Rehabilitation Activities at University Hills Rotary Club in October in Denver.

Dave Lloyd, Chief, Design and Construction Program

Co-authored, with Bill DeGroot, and presented "Integrating Flood Control and Recreation in Denver Area Projects" at ASCE’s 24th Annual Water Resources Planning and Management conference in Houston in April.
Co-authored and co-presented, with Chuck McKnight from Sellards and Grigg, Inc., "A Case Study of the Goldsmith Gulch Flood Control Project" at the same ASCE conference.

Bill DeGroot, Chief, Floodplain Management Program

Chair of the Floodplain Management Committee of the National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA), and chaired a session on Floodplain Management Issues at NAFSMA’s annual meeting in Orlando in Nov.
NAFSMA’s technical advisor to the Technical Mapping Advisory Council.
Member of ASCE’s Technical Mapping Advisory Task Committee.
Co-authored, with Dave Lloyd, "Integrating Flood Control and Recreation in Denver Area Projects."

Kevin Stewart, Project Engineer, Floodplain Management Program

National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC) Representative for the Southwestern Association of ALERT Systems (SAAS).
Member of the Colorado Natural Hazards Mitigation Council's (CNHMC) Dam Safety and Warning Subcommittee.
Keynote Speaker at NHWC/SAAS National Conference and Exposition in St. Louis in Oct.
Organized and hosted the first meeting of the NHWC Narrowband Radio Transitioning Committee in Denver in April.
Member of Emergency Services Public Information Officers of Colorado, and participated in their workshop in Golden in Sept.
Member of Colorado Emergency Management Association, and attended their annual conference in Breckenridge in Oct.
Speaker at the 8th Annual Conference of the Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers in Vail in Sept.
Participated in the FEMA and National Weather Service Hazardous Weather and Warning Coordination Pilot Short Course in Lakewood in July.
Served on Colorado’s FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Proposal Review Team.
Attended "Conference on Assessing the July 28, 1997 Flood in Fort Collins, CO" held at CSU in Fort Collins in Nov.

Ben Urbonas, Chief, Master Planning & South Platte River Programs

Serving on the French NOVATECH 98 conference’s scientific group responsible for the evaluation of abstracts and the selection of conference papers.
Principal co-investigator (Eric Strecker & Jonathan Jones principal co-investigators) for an EPA funded ASCE effort to develop Nationwide BMP Evaluation Data Management software and to accumulate and evaluate BMP data for performance and its relationships to design parameters.
Co-authored a paper with Ian Lawrence of Australia, Jiri Marsalek of Canada and Brian Ellis of Great Britain on Review of Stormwater Detention and BMPs which was published in a special volume of the Journal of the International Association of Hydrologic Research.
Organized and chaired a session on the topic of BMP Selection and Design at the Engineering Foundation Conference on Stormwater Management, Sustaining Urban Water Resources in the 21st Century, Malmo, Sweden, September, 1997.
Continues to Chair the Urban Gauging Networks Committee of the Urban Water Resources Research Council of ASCE.
Contributed to an effort by the International Association for Water Quality to develop an international Urban Drainage Glossary which will be published in 1998 in English, French, German and Japanese.

John Doerfer, Project Hydrologist, Master Planning Program

Chairman of the Stormwater Quality Committee, Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers (CASFM).
Chairman of Awards Committee, 1997 CASFM Annual Conference.
Instructor on "Stormwater Systems" at Collection and Distribution Systems Short Course sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chapter of Water Environment Federation and APWA in Boulder in November.

Mark Hunter, Chief, Maintenance Program

Member of International Erosion Control Association (IECA) standards committee on riprap, standards committee on articulating blocks, and the by-laws committee.
Secretary of the Board of Directors for the IECA-Mountain States Chapter.

Paul Hindman, Project Engineer, Design and Construction Program

Received Master of Science degree in Management from the University of Colorado at Denver in May.
Treasurer of the Colorado Chapter of APWA.


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