Design and Construction Notes

David W. Lloyd, P. E.
Chief, Design and Construction Program

1997 saw the design and construction program committing over $6.3 million to design and construction projects by year end. Most of this funding has gone toward construction as well as initiation of several new design projects.

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Dutch Creek through Columbine Country Club
& Golf Course

The Dutch Creek project in the Town of Columbine Valley was completed this year at a cost of approximately $1.45 million. The project consisted of open channel improvements through the Columbine Country Club and a bridge replacement at Fairway Lane. The project has removed over 50 homes from the 100-year floodplain.

The first phase of improvements along Drainageway A in the City of Louisville was completed this past year. This outfall project, consisting of 60-inch storm sewer, provided much needed upgrades in existing capacity at Highway 42 and the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad. These improvements along with planned detention pond modifications at Lake Park and the Louisville Middle School, scheduled for 1998, will create a system capable of handling the 100-year event, thereby eliminating a large area of downtown Louisville from the 100-year floodplain.

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Drop structure and pedestrian bridge across Cherry Creek in Arapahoe County

Two projects completed in cooperation with Arapahoe County this year were a much needed drop structure along Cherry Creek upstream of Iliff Avenue; and Pond L-3, a regional detention and water quality pond along Lone Tree Creek.

The City of Lakewood and the District continue with much needed improvements along Dry Gulch. This year a detention pond along the North Tributary of Dry Gulch at 14th and Lamar was constructed to provide some relief to the existing undersized downstream conveyance system. Next year, Lakewood and the District intend to purchase the property needed for construction of yet another detention pond on the North Tributary of Dry Gulch at 16th and Dover.

The District had an opportunity this past year to participate with two communities in the purchase of flood prone properties and the subsequent removal of structures located on those properties. The Boulder and Adjacent County Drainageways Master Drainage Plan identified a property at 1650 Alpine Avenue along Goose Creek as being particularly susceptible to flood damage. The District participated with the City of Boulder in the acquisition of this property and the removal of the structure. The City has since turned the property into a pocket park. Another flood prone property at 801 W. Powers Drive along Slaughterhouse Gulch in the City of Littleton was identified in the Slaughterhouse Gulch master plan which recommended removal. The District and City of Littleton cooperated in the acquisition of this property and the removal of all structures on the property. The District frequently cooperates with local governments and provides cost sharing for the acquisition and removal of flood prone properties along major drainageways within the District boundaries.

Several design projects were initiated this past year. Some of the more interesting design projects include Littles Creek in the City of Littleton and Arapahoe County, Willow Creek in Arapahoe County, Westerly Creek at Exposition Park in the City of Aurora, Niver Creek Tributary L in the City of Thornton and Marston Lake North at Bear Creek Park in the City of Denver.

The update to the District’s "Storm Sewer Pipe Materials Technical Memorandum" is nearing completion. Copies of the updated manual should be available in early 1998.

Status of District Design Projects

Project Participating Jurisdiction(s)


Marston Lake N. / Bear Cr. Park Denver 45% Complete
Ralston / Leyden Feasibility Arvada, Corps of Engineers On hold
Van Bibber Creek Final Design Arvada, Corps of Engineers 90% Complete
Eastlake No. 3 Thornton Complete
Goose Creek Phase 3 Boulder 15% Complete
Niver Creek Tributary L Thornton 10% Complete
Lakewood Gulch Denver Complete
Tom Frost Detention Broomfield Complete
Little Dry Creek Phase C Westminster Complete
Little Dry Creek RR Crossings Adams County Complete
Massey Draw at Carr Street Jefferson County 95% Complete
Jewell Wetland Detention Aurora 95% Complete
Littles Creek Littleton, Arapahoe County 95% Complete
Willow Creek Arapahoe County Complete
McKay Outfall Adams County 10% Complete
Pleasant View Trib. to Lena Gulch Jefferson County 75% Complete
Rangeview Gulch Littleton 50% Complete
Westerly Creek @ Expo Park Aurora 20% Complete
Greenwood Gulch Greenwood Village Complete

Status of District Construction Projects





Cherry Creek Drop at Iliff

Arapahoe County

$ 475,000

95% Complete
Lone Tree Creek Pond L-3 Arapahoe County


95% Complete
I-25 / 46th & Pecos Ph. IV and V Denver


95% Complete
Dutch Creek Columbine Valley


Lena Gulch Schedule V Wheat Ridge


West Evans Phase 2 Denver


95% Complete
Monaco / Eastman Outfall Denver


95% Complete
Big Dry Creek at Windermere Englewood


Dry Gulch at 14th and Lamar Lakewood


95% Complete
Drainageway A Louisville


95% Complete
Lower Ralston Creek Arvada


Bear Canyon Creek Boulder


5% Complete


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