Drop Structure Design
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Grouted Sloping Boulder Drop Structures

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A Grouted Sloping Boulder Drop Structure on Cherry Creek in Denver constructed by the Maintenance Program

The District revised the Hydraulic Structures chapter of the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual in 1990 to provide better guidance for the design of drop structures and check structures. One of the new drop structure designs, the Grouted Sloping Boulder (GSB) drop, has become far and away the most popular design.

Unfortunately, we have continued to see design drawings that provide inadequate details for construction. We therefore retained McLaughlin Water Engineers, Ltd. to prepare the Example Construction Details - Grouted Sloping Boulder Drop which are reproduced in reduced form on the following two pages. We are encouraging design engineers within the District to refer to these details when preparing construction drawings. Copies of the details, either hard copy or electronic, can be obtained by contacting David Mallory at the District.


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