Master Planning


Master Planning Program Notes
Ben Urbonas, P.E., Chief, Master Planning Program


Project Sponsor(s) Consultant Status
Big Dry Cr. Tribs (ARAPCO) Arapahoe Co. WRC Complete in 2000
Englewood City-Wide Englewood TCB Complete in 2000
Globeville-Utah Junction Denver & Adams Co. Kiowa Complete in 2000
Niver Creek Extension in Federal Heights Federal Heights, Thornton, & Adams Co. Kiowa Complete in 2000
Basin 4100, DFA 0054 & 0056 Update Thornton & Adams Co. Kiowa 50% Complete
Broomfield & Vicinity MP Update Broomfield & Westminster Kiowa 85% Complete
Cottonwood Area Catchment OSP Parker & Douglas Co. Farnsworth & Polk 85% Complete
Four Mile Canyon Cr. Boulder & Boulder Co. Love & Assoc. 50% Complete
Holly Hills Trib. To Harvard Gulch Arapahoe Co. & Denver SEC 50% Complete
Lower Box Elder OSP Adams Co. & Denver Wright Water 80% Complete
Lower First Cr. OSP Update Adams County & Commerce City Turner Collie & Braden 50% Complete
Plum Creek OSP - FHAD Douglas Co. WRC 50% Complete
Sulphur & Tallman Gulches Outfall Plan Douglas Co. & Parker Kiowa 90% Complete
Town of Erie OSP Town of Erie Love & Assoc. 75% Complete
Applewood OSP Jefferson Co., Golden Kiowa 15% Complete
Upper Piney Cr. & Tribs Aurora Kiowa 20% Complete
Unnamed Tributary to
W. Toll Gate Creek
Arapahoe Co., ECCV & Aurora Kiowa 25% Complete
Todd Creek Thornton & Adams Co. Kiowa 10% Complete
Fairmount Area OSP Jefferson Co., Golden, Arvada n/a Select Consultant
RMA 815 & Adj. Areas Commerce City, Adams Co. n/a Select Consultant
Oak Gulch & Stroh Ranch Parker & Douglas Co. n/a Select Consultant
NE Sheridan OSP City of Sheridan n/a Select Consultant
Cherry Creek MDP u/s of Cherry Cr. Reservoir Parker, Douglas Co., Arapahoe Co. & CCBWQA n/a Start in 2001
Horse Creek OSP Adams County & Aurora n/a Start in 2001
Skunk Creek Boulder & Boulder Co. n/a Start in 2001
Second Creek (Lower) MP Update Adams Co., Brighton & Commerce City n/a Start in 2001
Rocky Mtn Ditch Denver & Lakewood n/a Start in 2001
High Line Canal – Marcy G. to Mississippi Ave. Denver WD & WWMD, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Cherry Hills Village, Arapahoe Co. & S. Suburban Park & Rec, Dist. n/a Start in 2001

Planning Projects

The projects ongoing in 2000 and to begin in 2001 are listed in the "Status of Planning Projects" table. The master planning workload continues to grow and shows no sign of letting up. In 2000 we added 6 new projects and completed only 4. In 2001 we will begin 6 new planning projects and hope to complete 6.

Technology Transfer & Education

We have been converting and upgrading the CUHP and UDSWM software. The latest versions of each may be downloaded free of charge from our web page ( Both now run totally under the Windows system and both have improved data input user interfaces (i.e., fewer errors). We will continue work on both to enhance output management, including links to spreadsheet graphics features. User manuals will also be added to the downloads.

Under an ongoing agreement, Computer Software Library, Inc. (P.O. Box 27517, Denver, CO, 80227, Tel. 303-947-3413, FAX 303-985-8882) can provide fee-based support to users needing assistance. In addition, the District entered into a non-exclusive agreement with XP Software to have the CUHP software integrated into their software system (see related article). If you have any suggestions regarding the posted software, please e-mail us your suggestions.

Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual
In 2000 we started to update Volumes 1 and 2 of our Manual. Wright Water Engineers, Inc. is the consultant helping us to update and modernize these two volumes. We hope to have the first full draft of the manual available in March of 2001 and have the document ready for distribution by mid-2001. Many of you have contributed your time, details and case studies for which we are very grateful. A complete report on the updating process and acknowledgement of everyone’s contributions will be in the next issue of this newsletter.

Stormwater NPDES Activities

A major new workload is related to the support of the municipalities within the District as they continue to or begin to deal with EPA’s and Colorado’s stormwater regulations. John Doerfer has been helping with this effort and has been doing a great job (See a related article by John Doerfer). We will continue to work with the cities and counties. Anyone needing assistance or staff training can contact John or me. We will try to help you in any way we can.

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