COVID-19 & Essential Services

Meteorological Support

Skyview Weather will be providing the flood forecast and notification services for the 2020 flood season (May 1 thru September 30). This long-running program will function as in the past, working closely with our good friends at the National Weather Service.

Concerning the COVID-19 situation, while Skyview’s services are considered “essential” with respect to Colorado’s Amended Public Health Order, their meteorologists are capable of working from their respective home offices and are expected to do so until the order is lifted.

During April they will be calling their primary contact points to verify phone numbers and update operating procedures. The MHFD Flood Prediction Center phone number is the same as last year (303.458.0789) and can be used anytime to talk with a Skyview forecaster.

ALERT System Field Maintenance

The gaging stations are nearing 100% ready status thanks to the efforts of the field crews from OneRain and Water & Earth Technologies. The COVID social distancing requirements have not slowed the annual start-up progress as their work directly involves providing essential products and services that support critical government functions of public safety and emergency response in full compliance with Colorado’s stay at home order.