UDFCD’s Email Subscription Service

Select the desired “List Subscription Page” to sign-up for emails and text messages from UDFCD’s Flood Warning Program and NOAA’s National Weather Service.

List Subscription Page Description
Flash Flood Prediction Program (F2P2) Jurisdiction-specific notifications concerning flood threats, storm tracks, daily outlooks and other products.
ALERT System Alarms Regional and system-wide rainfall rate and water level alarms from the ALERT System.
EMWIN-Denver Regional Regional and county-specific severe weather and flood warnings from the NWS Emergency Managers Weather Information Network. Visit EMWIN-Denver for more information.

CONCERNING TEXT MESSAGING…To subscribe a cell phone to receive SMS text messages, email noting:

  1. your cell phone number
  2. name of your service provider
  3. list(s) you wish to subscribe to

Recommended SMS lists include: 1) region-specific rain alarms; 2) jurisdiction-specific F2P2 Messages; 3) daily F2P2 Message potential; and 4) county-specific EMWIN warnings. If you want to receive all four, simply leave item 3 blank or note “RECOMMENDED.”

For assistance contact Kevin Stewart at 303-455-6277.

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