UDFCD’s Email Subscription Service

Select the desired “List Subscription Page” below to sign-up for emails and text messages from UDFCD’s Flood Warning Services and the National Weather Service. This subscription service is intended for partner agencies and is not currently available to the general public. If your email domain is unfamiliar, your subscription request will be rejected. Additional information may be required prior to approval. 

List Subscription Page Description
Flash Flood Prediction Program (F2P2) Jurisdiction-specific notifications concerning flood threats, storm tracks, daily outlooks and other products.
ALERT System Alarms Regional and system-wide rainfall rate and water level alarms from the ALERT System.
EMWIN-Denver Regional Regional and county-specific severe weather and flood warnings from the NWS Emergency Managers Weather Information Network. Visit EMWIN-Denver for more information.

CONCERNING TEXT MESSAGING…To subscribe a cell phone to receive SMS text messages, email noting:

  1. Your cell phone number
  2. Name of your service provider
  3. List(s) you want to subscribe to, or note “All recommended lists” 

Recommended SMS lists include: 1) rain alarms that may  impact your area of concern; 2) F2P2 Messages for your jurisdiction; 3) daily F2P2 Message potential for your county; and 4) EMWIN warnings for your county.

For assistance contact Kevin Stewart at 303-455-6277.

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