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2002 Professional Activities of District Staff

Scott Tucker, Executive Director

  • Lecturer, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Metropolitan State College, Denver, in April.
  • Participant, FEMA Region VIII Strategic Planning Roundtable, Lakewood, in April.
  • Chaired stormwater management session at National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA) annual conference, in New Orleans, LA, in September.
  • Presenter, National League of Cities workshop on Phase II Stormwater Regulatory Program, Salt Lake City, UT, in December.
  • Recipient of the 2002 Friend of the River Award from The Greenway Foundation, Denver, in November.
  • Member, External Advisory Board, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.
  • Member, Civil Engineering Technology Industrial Advisory Committee, Metropoolitan State College, Denver, CO.
  • Participant in Stormwater Managers Roundtable Meeting, Johnson County Kansas Stormwater Management Program, Overland Park, KS, in November.
  • Member of Board of Directors and Co-Chairman of the Stormwater Management Committee of NAFSMA.
  • Member of American Public Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Water and Environment Federation.
  • Member, Stormwater Advisory Committee, Arapahoe County.
  • Member, Stormwater Management Advisory Committee, City and County of Broomfield.

Bill DeGroot, Chief, Floodplain Management Program

  • Chair of the Floodplain Management Committee of NAFSMA.
  • Chaired a session on Floodplain Management Issues at NAFSMA's annual meeting in New Orleans, LA, in September. Also presented a paper on District Cooperating Technical Partners projects with FEMA.
  • Presented an update on the District's DFIRM projects and LOMC pilot project at the FEMA Region 8 CAP conference in Breckenridge in September, and at a FEMA DFIRM workshop in Lakewood in October.
  • Member of Association of State Floodplain Managers, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers.

Kevin Stewart, Information Systems and Flood Warning Program Manager, Floodplain Management Program

  • Chair of National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC) representing Southwestern Association of ALERT Systems (SAAS).
  • NHWC Alternate Representative to the Advisory Committee on Water Information, Subcommittee on Hydrology, Washington DC.
  • Participated in U.S. Weather Research Program, Warm Season Precipitation Workshop at National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder in March.
  • Seminar speaker on District's local flood warning program at NCAR in Boulder in April.
  • Speaker at University of Oklahoma and Rice University National Symposium on Mitigating Severe Weather Impacts in Urban Areas at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX in April.
  • Member of NHWC review team for NOAA publication entitled: Use and Benefits of the National Weather Service River and Flood Forecasts, May 2002.
  • Speaker at 18th ALERT Users Group Conference in Santa Barbara in May.
  • Speaker at ALERT~FLOWS East Coast Users Group Regional Conference & Exhibition in Philadelphia in May.
  • Speaker at NWS Flash Flood Warning Workshop in Boulder in August.
  • Participated in NOAA Strategic Planning Workshop in Broomfield in September.
  • Speaker at National Safety Council, 90th Annual Congress & Exposition in San Diego in October.
  • Speaker at 13th SAAS Conference & Exposition in Houston in October.
  • Guest speaker at National Weather Service, First National Hydrologic Program Managers Conference in New Orleans in December.

Ben Urbonas, Chief, Master Planning & South Platte River Programs

  • One to two invited lecturers in Santiago, Chile at a two-day seminar dealing with urban stormwater quality and quantity management issues. Gave a total of five talks on a variety of topics including: formulation of policy, planning, water quality, emerging new approaches in urban drainage, etc.
  • Gave a talk on "Celebrating Stewardship Through Collaborative Efforts" at the 4th Annual Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners Conference, in November
  • Keynote speaker at Minnesota's Water Resources Conference and presented a talk titled, "BMPs - How Do We Use Them?" in October.
  • Presented a paper on "Restoring and Stabilizing Streams in Denver Colorado Area" at Minnesota's Water Resources Conference in October.
  • Organized and facilitated a session on the topic of "Urban Streams - Colorado Stream Restoration Experiences" at the 9th International Urban Storm Drainage Conference in Portland, OR in September.
  • Presented "Managing a Major Drainageway System - Urban Drainage and Flood Control District's Experience 1969 - Present." at a seminar sponsored by the Truckee River Yacht Club in Reno, NV in Oct.
  • Gave a talk in November at the ASCE Annual Convention in Washington, DC on the topic of "Urban Water Resources Research Council's Conferences and Emerging Issues 1990 to Present."
  • Continued to serve on the Board of Directors of the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority.
  • Continued to serve on the Water Environment Research Foundation's Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee.

Dave Lloyd, Chief, Design and Construction Program

  • Co-authored, with Paul Hindman, "Major Steam Restoration in the Denver Metropolitan Area" which Paul presented at ASCE's-9th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Portland, Oregon.

Cindy Thrush, Senior Project Engineer, Maintenance Program

  • Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers (CASFM).
  • Editor of the CASFM newsletter.
  • Co-Authored Paper entitled "Restoring Denver Area Streams and Gulches" presented at the 9th International Conference on Urban Drainage in Portland, Oregon in September.

Bryan Kohlenberg, Project Engineer, South Platte River Program

  • Co-authored, with Ken MacKenzie, and presented "Restorative Maintenance of the South Platte River in the Denver Metropolitan Area." at ASCE's 9th International Conference on Urban Drainage in Portland in September.
  • Continued as NSPE's scoring coordinator for the Jefferson Chapter and Colorado State MATHCOUNTS competitions for 7th and 8th graders.

Paul Hindman, Project Engineer, Design and Construction Program

  • Presented "Major Steam Restoration in the Denver Metropolitan Area" at ASCE's-9th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Portland, Oregon.
  • Member of the "Site Selection Committee" for the 2009 American Public Works Congress and Exposition Show.
  • Member of the "Awards Review Committee Conference" for the American Public Works Association.
  • Chair of the "Education Outreach Committee" for the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners.
  • Chair of "2002 Cherry Creek Watershed Conference", Centennial, CO.
  • Presented "Flood Buster" demonstration at 2002 Project WET Water Festival, Denver, CO.
  • Presented "Scholarship Update" at 2002 APWA Spring Conference, Grand Junction, CO.

John Doerfer, Project Hydrologist, Master Planning Program

  • Chairman, Municipal Workgroup, Colorado Stormwater Task Force.
  • Session Moderator and Paper Reviewer, ASCE's 9th International Conference on Urban Drainage, in Portland, OR in September.
  • Speaker, "Clean Water Act and Permits," Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners conference, in Centennial in November.
  • Member, Operations Committee, Illegal Dumping Task Force, City and County of Denver.
  • Member, Impacted Water Supplies Advisory Committee, Colorado Water Quality Forum.
  • Member, Urban Water Resources Research Institute, Environment and Water Resources Institute of ASCE.

Mark Hunter, Chief, Maintenance Program

  • Committee member for the IECA-Mountain States Chapter.
  • Member of IECA Technical Review Committee and Awards Committee.
  • Co-Chairman, IECA Stream Restoration Technical Section
  • Co-authored paper with Cindy Thrush, "Restoring Denver Area Streams and Gulches" presented at ASCE's 9th International Conference on Urban Drainage in Portland, OR in September.

David Mallory, Senior Project Engineer, Floodplain Management Program

  • Presented an update on District/FEMA digital mapping activities in Steamboat Springs in September.
  • Member of CASFM and ASFPM.

David Bennetts, Project Engineer, Maintenance Program

  • Field Trip Chair for the 13th Annual CASFM Conference in Steamboat Springs in September.

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