Twitter Rain Alarms

Twitter users may want to follow this.  We are trying to keep the information simple to limit public confusion.

Automated tweets will be county-specific.  Additional hashtags like #flood, #cowx, #rain may be added.  If you are a Twitter user, you can start following this now.  Simply search for udfcd-fwp.  When heavy rainfall is detected by the ALERT System, you should receive something like:  Heavy rainfall occurring in ___(blank)___ County.

This text will be following by a link that points you to a “light” version of the ALERT GMap with very limited control features that looks like something this…  Gmap-LT will show the measured rainfall amounts for the last 3 hours, a transparent looping radar overlay, and the current NWS warning polygons that link to the corresponding NWS warning text.  The rainfall measurement that triggered the tweet will blink (see demo).

Continue using for the ALERT GMap with user controls.

As always, we appreciate your feedback.