Vegetation Thinning

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Before and after views of Minnesota Driver Tributary

Vegetation Thinning within
Minnesota Drive Tributary
By Libby Kaiser, Student Intern

Regular routine mowing of portions of the Minnesota Drive Tributary prevents overgrowth of vegetation around the storm sewer outlets draining to Cherry Creek. Despite the mowing at the outlets the rest of the stormwater channel had become a tangled mess of invasive weeds, shrubs, suckers and dead branches.

This gnarled jungle was thinned out in July, 2002, to restore capacity and facilitate maintenance of Minnesota Drive Tributary. This tributary runs parallel to Cherry Creek along residential backyards between Monaco and Holly Street in Denver, Colorado.

A private contractor was paid $4,490.00 to cut and remove all woody vegetation within the channel as well as remove the lower branches of mature trees up to a height of approximately six feet above the ground. The result is a drainageway free of organic debris that more effectively prevents flooding near the homes that line its southern bank while also facilitating access by maintenance crews.

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